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Fotobook DUMMIES Day #2

2019年8月17日・18日に台湾で開催される「傻瓜書日 Fotobook DUMMIES Day #2」、16日の前夜祭「傻瓜書日 #2《海外特輯》講座與新書派對」に、Rbooks発行の写真集『meal paintings』(Yukino Tan, 2018)と『OUT』(Shunsuke Uchida, 2016)が出展されます。

今春開催された「Tokyo Art Book Fair :Ginza Edition」において上記2タイトルを選出していただきました。

Our photobooks “meal paintings” (Yukino Tan, 2018) and “OUT” (Shunsuke Uchida, 2016) will be exhibited at “Fotobook DUMMIES Day #2” in Taiwan on August 16 to 18, 2019.

These two titles were selected at the “Tokyo Art Book Fair: Ginza Edition” held this spring.

From the press release of Fotobook DUMMIES Day

Since last autumn, we have been participated in BARRARK Art Book Fair in Okinawa, TOKYO Art Book Fair :Ginza edition, MISS READ Art Book Festival in Berlin and UNFOLD Art Book Fair in Shanghai.

We've met a lot of interesting publishers and artists who are passionated in books and we even brought some of the books that we love back to Taiwan including yours.

It is our pleasure to have your books in our new collection, we're so excited to share all these books to our readers in Taipei.

In the evening of 16th August, we organized a book launch party and talk as a celebration eve of the Fotobook DUMMIES Day #2 at PAR Store & Records in Taipei.

We will introduce the new books and share our experiences of all these art book fair we've been to during the talk.

Afterward, the books are ready to be sold during the event.

The lists of particiated artists and publishers are :

Und Eins|Heidemarie von Wedel (Stugart) The Future Publishing|Yamandu Roos (Amsterdam) Vaclav Tvaruzka (Prague) Mediabus|Youngdon Jung (Seoul) Mediabus|Ko Cheonbong (Seoul) Rbooks|Yukino Tan (Tokyo) Rbooks|Shunsuke Uchida (Tokyo) Toru Kase (Tokyo) Ayaka Katsumori (Okinawa)

Miwa matayoshi (Okinawa) Monday Off 愜意忙 (Shanghai)

DFY 夢廠 (Hangzhou)

Zhou Junsheng 周駿生(Beijing)

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